Aging With Dignity

This questionnaire is limited to transgender/transsexual individuals over 50 years of age. Please respect this.

The upcoming book, Aging With Dignity: A Transgender Perspective, is a ground-breaking anthology and educational resource for the trans community, those who love and care about us, and for health care providers who are interested in what you, their current and future patients, have to say about your experiences, concerns, and fears in the aging process.

There is a Call for Papers if you would like to share your story, but this questionnaire is also for sharing your experiences in the book (whether or not you contribute your story).

  1. This short questionnaire might take about 15-30 minutes, depending on how much you choose to share in the Comment sections. For some, it may take longer, but there is no time limit. It must be completed in one sitting, however. 
  2. Please use the buttons at the bottom of each page to advance forward or go back. Do not use your browser's back button.
  3. All questions are required to be answered; however, the comments sections are not required. It is up to you to share what you want people to know or understand, and all answers are helpful!
  4. This questionnaire is completely anonymous. In completing it, you agree that the answers you share here may be used/quoted in the book. Your answers can help others to know they are not alone, and; bring to the forefront some of the real life concerns of aging trans people to impact future research, policies, and practices in a positive manner that can help not only our generation, but future generations of the trans population.

There are 28 questions in this survey.